Ozpig Oven Smoker

Partnered with the Ozpig Portable Wood Fire Stove, the oven smoker is a versatile unit to cook everything from ribs and BBQ to cornbread and pizzas. From low-and-slow to hot-and-fast, the Oven Smoker is built to last. With four smoking racks, temperature control from 212F to 662F, and a portable design, create authentic woodfired meals at home or at the campsite.


  • Cooking flexibility BBQ, roasts, and pizzas 
  • Heavy duty steel construction 
  • Chimney baffle for ultimate temperature control 
  • Four smoking racks 
  • Turning plate for temperature control 
  • Built-in temperature gauge from 50F to 800F 
  • Care Instructions:
  • To clean the inside and outside of the Oven Smoker, use a damp cloth.
  • Spray-washing with a water hose is not recommended.
  • All moisture should be wiped away and not allowed to stand inside or on top of the Oven Smoker.
  • Once cleaned, lightly coat the interior of the Oven Smoker cabinet with cooking oil or cooking spray.
  • If rust is present on the exterior surface of the Oven Smoker, clean the area with steel wool or an emery cloth and re-coat with heavy duty, heat resistant paint.
  • NEVER apply additional paint to the interior of the Oven Smoker.
  • If rust is present on the interior of the Oven Smoker, clean it thoroughly with steel wool or an emery cloth and lightly coat the area with cooking oil or cooking spray to help minimize recurring rust.
  • To protect the Oven Smoker from weather, always keep the Oven Smoker covered while not in use.
  • Oven Smoker cover sold separately. 


  • Oven Smoker body 
  • Chimney with baffle 
  • 4x Stainless steel racks 
  • 1x Water pan 
  • 1x Thermometer 
  • 1x Chimney cap 
  • 1x Manual 

1 Year

  • Dimensions (Packed): 26.7 x 13.7 x 13.6in 
  • Dimensions (Set Up): 15 x 14.3 x 47.5in 
  • Weight: 31lbs 
  • Material: Steel 
SKU 10001189
Barcode # 9320531100330
Brand Kakadu
Shipping Weight 15.3900kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.360m
Shipping Length 0.680m

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